Celena Esque the Blazn Chef's face

Celena Esquer

Blazn’ Chef


Chef Celena was born and raised in West Covina, California to working class parents who enjoyed cooking and family gatherings.  It was at a very young age that she developed an interest and passion for cooking.  She was entrusted to do the nightly cooking and care for her younger siblings while her parents worked to support the family.  Being a young mother she was forced to put her education on hold and join the workforce.  Over the years Chef Celena worked in various restaurants throughout her life to support her family.  She is mother to seven children and has three grandchildren that she adores.

Although Chef Celena is versatile in the kitchen her passion is baking.  She has enjoyed baking cupcakes, cookies and various sweets for her family over the years.  As she entered her 40’s her body felt the strain of having had seven children and she started to experience a multitude of health issues.  She was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Neuropathy.  Being the resilient spirit that she is, Chef Celena was determined to find a way of dealing with her pain using natural remedies rather than being dependent on chemically made pills.  She began to research Cannabis and the benefits it can offer to help manage pain, with this a new passion was born.  With the help and support of her loving husband she set out to start a catering business.  During this time she learned the process of Decarboxylation to create oils and butters with Cannabis and infuse them into her cooking/baking.  This resulted in creating her persona The Blaz’n Chef for her catering business.  She is self-taught and uses her knowledge to help others who are also struggling with medical ailments and teaches them how they too can medicate using Cannabis.  Chef Celena trained with Cannabis Chef Ali Metzger at Mohave Cannabis Co. there she honed her skills in the kitchen and learned recipe and development as well as how to setup a working kitchen.  She pushed herself to learn and understand mass production, recipe development, nutrition facts, labeling and packaging etc. for her edible creations.

Chef Celena has been nominated Entrepreneur of the year for 2020 as well as Best CBD Edibles for her company Sweedies and Best Cannabis Chef in the industry two years in a row.  She is labeled one of the most influential women in the industry by Celebstoner.  Chef Celena is looking forward to what the future has in store for her as she begins her new venture of running a THC kitchen and creating and developing her THC edible line.