October 19-22, 2020


Small business owners spend tens of thousands of dollars on booths at trade shows and it does not always pay off. We don’t want that to be you with this conference. We want you to get exposure, leads and most importantly make money.


Benefits of Joining as an Exhibitor:

  • Access to a targeted audience
  • Ability to host live Q&A and demos in your virtual booth
  • Post promotional videos on loop in your booth
  • Live chat in your booth
  • Access to the platform and summit for an entire year – access ends October 22, 2021
  • Ability to start interacting with attendees the minute they sign up
  • Community forum where you can interact with attendees and post and answer questions – use it for free market research!
  • Affiliate code so you make money for your promotion of the event!
  • Low to zero cost for booth

What we are doing to make sure you get leads and traffic to your booth:

  • Giving attendees reminders to visit the booths in between sessions
  • Allowing a one hour break during the conference from 12-1pm PT where we will be directing attendees to your booth and live events
  • Shout outs via social media and the conference
  • A special agenda for all live events
  • Gamifying the exhibit hall – each person who visits every booth AND interacts, will be entered to win a grand prize drawing worth at least $500
  • Drawings for prizes each day for attendees who are the most active in the exhibit hall with exhibitors.
The platform we are using to host our summit is Whova. Whova is both web and mobile friendly so attendees can access the summit on the go. And their virtual exhibit hall is literally the best on the market. To give you an idea of what you can expect in your booth, I’ve made a video that highlights the benefits.

We are offering virtual booths for the extremely low price of $250.

The low price is due to the fact we are new and we don’t want price to be a factor in you not exhibiting. Attached is our pitch deck that has lots of info you will find helpful.

Speaking of money – one bonus we are offering all speakers, sponsors and exhibitors is a 50% affiliate code opportunity. This is something no one else in the industry is offering but is something that is used outside the cannabis space with huge success. By offering a 50% affiliate code ($100 minus $10 in fees for $45 per ticket sold to each affiliate), everyone is motivated to share about this conference. With speakers and exhibitors from all over the US, this gives all of us an opportunity to reach new audiences.

Here’s a sampling of our math for our reach. If over 100 exhibitors, speakers and sponsors send out the summit info to 100 people in their tribe, that’s a reach of 10,000 people! And that’s only reaching out to 100 people each. That’s 9,900 people that are more than likely new to you. Our current reach is a solid 300,000 and we are adding to that number daily. We have a Twitter influencer with over 100,000 followers who is tweeting about us daily.

I really hope you will join us. Seriously, why wouldn’t you? You literally have ZERO to lose! If 6 people sign up with your code, your booth is paid for. How can you pass that up??? Not to mention that if more than 6 people sign up, that’s money in your pocket. Who couldn’t use more $$ in these crazy times?

Any questions? Please feel free to email us at support@everythingediblesevent.com.

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