Jeff Danzer holding strawberries in a chef suit

Jeff Danzer

The 420 Chef

Since 2012, Jeff Danzer AKA JeffThe420Chef has been revolutionizing the cannabis consumption experience one patient at a time. Jeff is an award winning cannabis chef, author of The 420 Gourmet; The Art of Elevated Cannabis Cuisine Cookbook (Harper Wave, 2016), and inventor of Freeleaf Culinary Cannabis and Odorless odorless prerolls.

Dubbed “The Julia Child of Weed” by The Daily Beast and “Culinary Cannabis Legend” by Cheddar.TV, Jeff works with cannabis in ways that no other cannabis chef in the world does.


Jeff’s mission is to make the cannabis consumption experience simple and easy for everyone. Everything he does speaks to that mission. His easy to follow cookbook makes cooking with cannabis and dosing both easy and accessible, his THC Calculator for edibles app is visited by thousands of cooks and chefs every month to insure accurate and responsible edible dosing and his invention of FreeLeaf Culinary Cannabis, precisely dosed edible flower that mimics herbs like oregano, rosemary and thyme makes cooking with cannabis both familiar and easy.

Jeff’s gained notoriety in 2014 prior to the legalization of cannabis, when he became famous for inventing the process which cleans cannabis and neutralizes the herbaceous taste found in most edibles while simultaneously pioneering “layered micro-dosing”, the practice of serving a combination of precisely low-dosed edibles over the course of a meal.

In 2021 JeffThe420Chef is looking forward to opening the world’s first true edibles consumption lounge in the heart of West Hollywood.