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Jyl Ferris

Packaging Expert at Trulieve


Jyl Ferris began her career in the bullpen at New York Magazine and quickly became a consultant for the circulation and advertising departments.

Jyl spent two years in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she had clients in tourism and fashion, including Sonesta Hotels, ElAl Airlines, and Gideon Oberson.

She returned to the US and launched her own agency to create direct response for publishers such as Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, and TimeInc. She was well recognized and was the recipient of several Folio Awards. Sandra Blum included a chapter on Ms. Ferris, “The Creative Chameleon” in her book, “Designing Direct Mail That Sells.”

When social media was born, Jyl’s networking days were spent learning how to reach an audience through digital media. That is when Jyl fulfilled her lifelong dream of having her own cooking show. She can be seen throughout the internet as a host of “Cooking for Bachelors TV.” Her out-of-the-box thinking lead to successfully reaching an audience of over 70 million­—mostly male millennials.

However, there is nothing that impassions her more than working in the cannabis industry. Nearly five years ago, she began as a volunteer, and was later asked to be a market leader for WomenGrowNYC. Ms. Ferris was chosen by Tikun Olam to launch their brand in the US. She created their entire graphic program and the packaging line for five states.

Jyl works by assessing the goals of a company and creating the branding and design that tells the story that will reach their audience. Her current passion project is consulting companies on maximizing their retail spaces in order to educate, create loyalty and increase sales.