monica gray's headshot

Monica Gray

Co-Founder of Nice Guys Delivery

Monica and her husband Adam Fong started Nice Guys Delivery in Marin County CA in 2016, a month after their first son was born. Prior to Nice Guys, Monica attended UCLA where she obtained her BA in World Arts and Cultures. Directly after receiving her degree she moved to New York City and spent 7 years working in Product Development/Production for companies: Calvin Klein and Jcrew. She then moved to Los Angeles and worked at Sketchers, before moving back to Marin to work at a start-up footwear company located in San Rafael called Vionic. While at Vionic she was the Senior Director of Product Development and Costing departments.

Monica specializes in start-up businesses; she brings a structured yet grounding presence to the workplace and her distinctive abilities have helped Nice Guys Delivery stand out as a business of merit and professionalism in the newly formed legal cannabis industry. Nice Guys Delivery is a service dedicated to educating and guiding their members about the validated benefits of Cannabis for health. They strive to offer each member an experience as unique as they are.