nhi kha's face

Nhi Kha

Co-Founder of Sativa Remedy


Nhi Kha is the co-founder of Sativa Remedy, a hemp dispensary in Western New York. She graduated from the University at Buffalo with Dual Bachelors in Chemistry and Health & Human Services. Prior to starting Sativa Remedy in 2017, Nhi worked in as a medical cannabis liaison and pharmacy technician.

When her dad was diagnosed with Stage VI Lung cancer, Nhi began diving deep into cannabis science and plant medicine to help her dad find relief from toxic pharmaceuticals and chemo treatments. Realizing that the hemp CBD market was flooded with expensive, low-quality products, Nhi made it a mission to search the best of the best in plant medicine to provide for her father and her community.


She recognizes the therapeutic benefits that lie behind the cannabis plant and makes it her mission to keep plant medicine accessible to all those in her community through education and advocacy work. Sativa Remedy was started out of the passion to reconnect the community with the healing potential of cannabis and normalization of the plant. Using their expertise to vet, test, and verify brands in an effort to bring forth affordable, accessible, potent hemp CBD products. Nhi is also preparing Sativa Remedy to enter the adult-cannabis market once legalization comes to the Empire state.