Nikki Kujawski's face

Nikki Kujawski

Senior Brand Manager at Ripple

Nikki Kujawski is the Senior Brand Manager for Ripple by Stillwater Brands, an expanding line of dissolvable cannabinoid products. Nikki develops consumer research-driven marketing initiatives, establishes long-term goals for media outreach and elevating brand awareness, oversees campaign execution, and ensures all product lines feature cohesive messaging that aligns with company values. Nikki’s management role encompasses Ripple’s original calorie-free, flavorless cannabinoid powder packets that consumers can add to any hot or cold food or beverage, Gummy Supplements and QuickSticks that are designed to be ingested on their own.


Since 2016, she has helped steer Ripple’s growth in both the THC and CBD product sectors through effective marketing, elevating the brand into a top category sales leader in Colorado’s adult-use market. Previously, Nikki managed a video production company in New York City that developed content for media outlets and national brands including The Food Network, Unilever, Tabasco, and Bon Appetit. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her outside. She loves camping and exploring nature trails with her partner and their two dogs.