Scarlet Ravin smoking her White Fox line of cannabis vapes

Scarlet Ravin

Founder of White Fox Medicinals

Scarlet Ravin is an illuminator into the unknown creating award winning medicinals products from herbs, CBD, Cannabis and Psilocybin she listens to the spirit of the plants to formulate and transmute healing on this planet. As an international best-selling author, Scarlet enjoys public speaking while she allows higher wisdom to come through for all as well as one on one sessions to hold space for others to come back to a state of wholeness, happiness and internal sprouting joy. Her newest book “Psilocybin Transmissions” is a channeled book from the Spirit of Psilocybin explaining why Psilocybin is here for us all now.


Scarlet is available for one on one reading sessions that align you back to your innate abilities of being able to heal patterns, connect with your higher guidance and playfully dance on this world with a connection to a higher purpose. Her company White Fox Medicinals™️ has been serving high vibratory organic medicine to people since 2007 and is full of tools for returning to wholeness.