2020 Speakers

Jeff Danzer holding strawberries in a chef suit

Jeff Danzer

Jeff the 420 Chef

nancy whitman's headshot

Nancy Whiteman

CEO of Wana Brands

dr janice m vaughn knox's headshot

Dr. Janice M Vaughn-Knox, MD, MBA

Doctors Knox

Dr. David Knox's face

Dr. David G. Knox, MD

Doctors Knox

dr rachel knox's face

Dr. Rachel Knox, MD, MBA

Doctors Knox

dr jessica knox's face

Dr. Jessica Knox, MD, MBA, MPH

Doctors Knox

kristi palmer's face

Kristi Knoblich Palmer

Co-Founder of KIVA Confections

Nikki Kujawski's face

Nikki Kujawski 

Senior Brand Manager at Ripple

sundie seefried's face

Sundie Seefried

CEO of Partner Colorado Credit Union

Chef Sebastian Carosi's headshot

Chef Sebastian Carosi

Cannabis Chef

Author Robyn Griggs Lawrence's face

Robyn Griggs Lawrence


ricardo baca of grasslands face

Ricardo Baca

CEO of Grasslands Journalism

dr and vet gary richter holding a dog

Dr. Gary Richter

Holistic Veterinarian

ian stewart's headshot

Ian Stewart, Esq.

Partner at Wilson Elser

Amber Senter's face

Amber E. Senter

Co-Founder EquityWorks! Incubator

Meital Manzuri the cannabis attorney's face

Meital Manzuri, Esq.

Founder of Manzuri Law

jessie gill the marijuana mommy's face

Jessie Gill

Founder of The Marijuana Mommy

Tracey Henry of THC Consulting's face

Tracey Henry


Hope Frahm's face

Hope Frahm

Corporate Chef at Love’s Oven

Kebra Smith-Bolden a nurse at WomenGrow

Kebra Smith-Bolden, RN

Founder of CannaHealth

Kebra Smith-Bolden a nurse at WomenGrow

Latham Woodward

CEO/Founder of Shoogies/Sense Distribution

rachel burkon smoking a joint and drinking a glass of white wine

Rachel Burkons

Co-Founder of Altered Plates

Bill Ludlow the founder of CRATIV packaging's face

Bill Ludlow

CEO of CRATIV Packaging

Scarlet Ravin smoking her White Fox line of cannabis vapes

Scarlet Ravin

Founder of White Fox Medicinals

danny bozzuto's face

Danny Bozzuto

Cannabis Connect Insurance

bob rada's headshot

Bob Rada

Food Safety Expert at Kiva Confections

Andrea Drummer in a chef apron

Chef Andrea Drummer

Cannabis Chef

Jamie Lee's headshot

Jamie Lee

Fire Inspection Consultant

Celena Esque the Blazn Chef's face

Celena Esquer

Blazn’ Chef

monica gray's headshot

Monica Gray

Co-Founder of Nice Guys Delivery

john carver the cannabis social media influencer

John Carver

Social Media Manager and Influencer

emily gray brosius picture

Emily Gray Brosious

Content Director at Grasslands

Henry Schaffer's headshot

Henry Schaffer

CEO of Tastes Natural

nhi kha's face

Nhi Kha

Co-Founder of Sativa Remedy

LaRain Miller the Budtender at the infused awards

LaRain Miller


kashif lang's face

Kashif Lang


Evan Pierce's face

Evan Pierce

Manager at Cultivate

abraham villegas face

Abraham Villegas

CEO of The Medical Cannabis Community

madlyne kelly's face

Madlyne Kelly

Co-Owner of Irie Weddings & Events